Let it go. Let it Flow.

Let it go. Let it Flow.

Here I am again, hammering my head and banging it against the walls of my own brain. Well at least that is what it feels like right now. 

I want something. I want something so badly that it is the only thing I can think about. I can visualize it. I can picture it. Yet the minute I picture it, my mind is already tearing it apart, breaking it into small little pieces, telling me what could go wrong, what doesn’t work and keeps on asking me but how and why? How am I going to make this happen? Why do I want this so much? Why do I feel so frustrated?

So here I am, focused on the HOW again and stuck with it. I know full well I should be focusing on the what and letting it flow, letting things come my way and happen for me in due time. I am so eager to get what I want the way I want it right now, that nothing is coming my way, everything seems like a struggle, my mind blocking every chance of a result.


Some call it analysis paralysis. I call it feedback. 

Feedback of me not being able to let go; feedback of me not trusting the outcome, feedback of me not trusting myself to reach the outcome that I desire. Feedback of me wanting to control everything, including the things I can’t control. 

Our desire to control the HOW and the WHEN in life is the reason we get frustrated and stop events and opportunities from coming our way. 

We need to learn to let go. Literally wish and let go trusting that everything happens for a reason and it happens at the exact right point in time for us. 

Few tips that help me when I get lost:




#1. Release the pressure. 

Do you really need to have it and have it right now? Will you die if you don’t? Are you not worthy without it? Are you even sure this is exactly what you need? Will it really make everything better? Cut yourself some slack. In life we are often better off receiving what we need instead of what we want. Release the pressure and trust that it will come to you in the best form possible for you at the right point in time.

#3. Breathe in and breathe out. 

Find that place in you who loves and trusts herself or himself enough to handle anything that comes their way. There is nothing to worry about. Whatever happens you can handle it. You always have until now. Trust your journey.

#4. Choose Love. 

The reason we try and control comes from our fears, a fear to lose, a fear to not be loved or recognized, the fear of not being good enough or worthy enough. Whatever the fear triggering this incessant need to control, replace that fear with love. Love that you have a need to control but that you know better, love that you might be a bit worried right now but you have always handled it in the past so there is no need for such fear right now. Love that you are who you are today, strong and confident and that you have learnt from all your mistakes, love enough that you can now trust and let go of the outcome. 



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Photo by Min An from Pexels