The 5 minutes journey to higher consciousness.

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I write a lot about the art of consciousness in my book and strongly believe that higher awareness and consciousness are the keys to unlocking so many beautiful things in our lives. 

Consciousness can be defined as our capability to understand and fully integrate the now and the being in this exact point in time.

It has been the center of many philosophies, spiritual practices and scientific research since the age of time. 

Research has even proven its benefits on the human brain and some schools in northern Europe have already made meditation a part of their curriculum, transforming the way we look at education today.

Whichever teachings you believe in or follow, consciousness is at the heart of living a life full of peace, joy and love.

We read about it, talk about it, go to yoga classes and meditation classes, detox centers and spiritual retreats all in an attempt to find peace and stability in our beings and lives, hoping to integrate it into our routine. Some of us can’t live without it, constantly learning and implementing new practices, others remain skeptical of its benefits, unclear of where to start, why they should and what they can get out of it. What worked for me might work for you. 


When I started my journey I was aided by my two beautiful mentors. I had attended classes and retreats in the past but as soon as I got back to work and the pressures of daily life, I always left it aside within a couple of weeks. 



5 minutes a day when I made the conscious decision to take 5 minutes for myself, breathe and notice my being. 

  • Find a quiet place. Sit upright with your hands on your knees, facing upwards or downwards. Close your eyes. 
  • Breathe in and Breathe out and just focus on your breath. Feel your lungs fill up with air and breathe out. Stay still and just breathe.
  • Your mind may fight you for a while and the thoughts of a million things you need to do unravel in your head. It’s ok. Just breathe and say ‘ Thank you for watching out for me. Please come back to my breath now’.
  • Stay there and do this for as long as you need. Open you eyes and sit still for a while before you get back to business.


Like anything new, it is all about practice and consistency.

The benefits are limitless – you will feel calmer throughout the day and have a clearer picture of your priorities. You will feel a sense of self and alignment to your being that will allow you to cope better with your day. You will feel more energized to take on the day. It will become easier for you to calm your nerves down and see the bigger picture and so much more.

Raising our awareness is key to living a better, richer, more fulfilling life. Give yourself those 5 minutes a day and choose love over fear. Practise the art of being. Be. Here. Now. And just be.


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