Overcome the lack of clarity and obstacles holding you back from living your truth and finding your special place in the world.

Come back to your authentic self. Find meaning, purpose and joy.

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You Owe It To Yourself
To Live Your Best Life!

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a rat race, to feel like life is going by and spinning out of control.

I know what it is like to have made all the right choices and yet feel confused, and exhausted. Maybe you’ve been trying so hard to have the life of your dreams and feel fulfilled, and yet you feel like you keep hitting a wall no matter how hard you try.

That’s why I’ve written this book, to help those like me, that may feel stuck in their lives, like something is missing when all you really want is to feel energised, loved, find meaning, purpose and live the life of your dreams, feeling complete.

‘Complete. The Gift of Happiness’ is my story of personal and spiritual growth, the story of the journey I took to come back to my authentic self and live a life aligned to what my heart desired.

Perhaps like me, you have already tried so many things: taken up classes and activities to bring meaning into your life; learnt new skills to become better at life; have been working long hours to get to the life you want; climbed the ladder and succeeded, thinking that would be it; switched jobs hoping that would help or taken a sabbatical.

But nothing seems to work.

Why can’t you just be happy? Why are you still feeling lost, indifferent, empty, like something is missing and you can’t seem to find out what or how to get out of it.

You have landed here for a reason. That’s just how life works and I am here to tell you a brighter future lies ahead of you.

It does not have to be that way. There is another way, a brighter way, a life filled with love, joy and laughter and it all starts with YOU.

You can change everything around. You can be and do anything you want by reconnecting to your true self and live the life that you so deeply desire and deserve.

Stephanie owen The gift of happiness Complete
Get your eBook today for 4.99$
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Here’s How This Book Can Help You!

‘Complete. The Gift of Happiness’ uncovers the principles of a joyful life and dares everyone, to find their own happiness. It’s full of life lessons, lessons I have learnt and that have helped me find myself again and reconnect to my true being, because the way we live our lives today counts.

Discover how to take stock of where you are, raise your self-awareness and deal with your thoughts and emotions. Learn to live in self-love and worthiness, make peace with your past so you can truly be here now and make better choices for yourself. Learn to consciously CHOOSE LOVE OVER FEAR and live from a place of unlimited abundance instead of lack.



Bring joy and love back into your everyday


Make peace and release your past


Break free from your barriers and self-limiting beliefs


Let go of your fears, worries, doubts, and questioning


Come from a place of love instead of fear


Master your thoughts and actions


Accept and fully experience your feelings and emotions


Find the trust and peace of mind to let go and surrender


Embrace a constant flow of miracles


Welcome the world’s possibilities into your life


Make choices that bring out the joy in you, and call for more of it in your life

This is not your typical self-help book full of principles and exercises to follow.

This book is about my discoveries, and personal stories, each one bringing me to an understanding I share with you – a mix of storytelling, the challenges I faced and insights that came out of them that I then applied, and have transformed my life.

Get your eBook today for 4.99$
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Here’s What People Are Saying About The Book


‘Stephanie’s sense of joy is contagious. It’s amazing how she managed to build a successful career in such a stressful field, and yet preserve her sense of self. She loves with a pure heart, and embraces life with an exuberance that uplifts everyone around her. I am blessed to have her in my life.’

Janet Lee



‘Stephanie is a beautiful soul. She is intuitive, introspective and reflective about life. Always seeking self-improvement, she impacts and enriches the lives of those around her. This book is her testimony.’

Nirali Bhukhanwala


‘Stephanie is the kind who forgets about time when she embarks on a task. The kind that perseveres regardless of the circumstances. The kind who has the courage to drop everything when she knows the time is right to take on something more meaningful. She loves her jobs. She loves life. And most importantly, she loves the people around her. A great read on her journey in pursuit of her higher self-awareness, consciousness, purpose and ultimately happiness to all.’

Khoo Kar Khoon
President Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA)


‘It’s not everyday that you meet and befriend a self-aware person – an awareness for her talent, the bigness of her heart and her enthusiasm for life. Stephanie has showed the people in her life, in numerous occasions, that life is indeed beautiful, whichever way you look at it. This book is a kaleidoscope in which you will view her journey through her eyes. Let this book guide you towards unravelling the many hidden paths to a life filled with beauty, light and love.’

Ong Sue Yin
Shinrin Yoku Guide, Commodity
Trader & Copywriter, Malaysia


‘Perhaps the best way to sum up Stephanie Owen, is that she is a spiritual weight-lifter. Whenever there is disharmony Stephanie is the one who can regain the balance, and relieve every one of the burden of misunderstanding and friction. It seems to be her ‘natural power’ in finding the common ground and truth, and redirecting energies into moving people, and herself forward.  I’m glad she’s sharing this in her new book, and I certainly found a truth or two in every chapter.’

Mike Foster
Advertising Executive



‘I ADORED YOUR BOOK! So much love in every page…Loved your stories, they are so heartfelt and relatable…You did an amazing job, and I ‘ll carry some of your reflections with me. Thank you thank you for pouring down such energy to spread this ray of light to the world!’

Nathalie Gil
Director of Development
Sea Shepherd, Brasil

Why ‘Complete. The Gift Of Happiness’ Is Important For You

Life is too short to spend it worrying

The Universe is too generous for you to live in lack

Living life is more important than letting life live you

You deserve the best life, that is why you are here

It is your right to be happy and share it with the world



Stephanie is an ex-advertising executive from one of the world’s largest advertising groups. English born, brought up in a small village in the center of France, she started her career in Paris, France, where she learnt the business ropes. She then moved to Malaysia where she took on a leadership role.

She has 16 years experience in strategic communication and effective marketing for high profile global and local brands across multiple geographies (Europe and Asia).

She managed large teams of different personalities and clients from various backgrounds. This is when she discovered how much she loved building teams, mentoring and helping people grow, into more than just better professionals but better people.

In 2016 she decided to take a break from her corporate career and take on her own journey of personal and spiritual growth.

A lover of life she is an adventurer, writer, diver, skier, motorbike rider and passionate about different cultural views, spiritual wisdom and personal growth.

Today she is a Personal Transformation and Leadership Development Coach, Brand Strategist and Writer. She spends her time doing what she loves – helping individuals, organisations and brands overcome the lack of clarity and obstacles holding them back from living their truth and finding their special place in the world.

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